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Issue #11, Spring-Summer, 2011

Anders, Bef, Brown, Chimal, Minister Faust, Guffey, Gunn, Kek-W, Lain, Rojo, Rucker, Swanwick, What!


Issue #11 Contents:

Big Store Baoding
Leslie What
My Big Night Out With Thing
Alberto Chimal
Hotels      Hoteles
Chris N. Brown
Minister Faust
The Ghosts of Carnivores
Charlie Jane Anders
Fairy Werewolf vs. Vampire Zombie
Robert Guffey
Bring Me the Head of André Breton!
Bef, or, Bernardo Fernández
The Last Hours of the Last Days
Las Últimas Horas De Los Últimos Días
Pepe Rojo
Stuff       Cosas
Michael Swanwick
Cold Reading
Rudy Rucker
Dispatches From Interzone
Doug Lain
The Last Apollo Mission

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From the Guest Editor

March 22, 2011

Last August, Rudy pointed casually to a fence, and told me how much fun it would be to whitewash it, and I said it did look like it would be fun. I ended up guest-editing Flurb. I don’t understand how these things happen.

Editing it has been fun, and I’m delighted by the stories that showed up for this issue. They are brilliant and moving and funny, pretty much all at once, and I am deeply grateful to the authors for contributing such fantastic work.

I’m very pleased to have stories in English and Spanish by three celebrated Mexican writers of fantastic fiction: Alberto Chimal, Bernardo Fernández (also known as BEF), and Pepe Rojo. If this is the first time you have read their work, I am confident it will not be the last.

We also have fiction by British psatirist Kek-w, Canadian writer/broadcaster Minister Faust (a two-time Philip K. Dick Award finalist), avant-pop Texian Chris N. Brown, the incomparable Leslie What, psurrealist Robert Guffey, psyche-terrorist Charlie Jane Anders, who can make you laugh and choke at the same time (do not drink liquid nitrogen while reading her story), the deceptively linear philosopher Doug Lain, gonzo skug-handler Rudy Rucker, and the ineffable Michael Swanwick, who wrote his story in a single evening, while guiding toads and frogs across a busy roadway to some kind of amphibian singles bar.


—Eileen Gunn         

From the Editor

March 22, 2011

It's been a joy having Eileen Gunn guest-edit this issue of Flurb. Eileen is consistently pleasant and intelligent—with an edge. I'm excited about the wonderful stories she came up with for #11. Heartfelt thanks to our excellent authors.

Looking ahead, Flurb #12 is scheduled for September, 2011. The issue will once again be edited by Rudy Rucker.

If you want to submit a piece for Flurb #12, send it to Rudy as an .rtf or .doc file attached to an email to his address and please send it only during the time period August 1 - 31, 2011. As always, we’re looking for literary short stories of length one to six thousand words, although occasionally a longer story can be accepted. We want a strong SF or fantasy element, with realistic characters, and a clear story arc. Quirkiness is often a plus.

Flurb doesn't pay its authors, authors keep all rights, and Flurb leaves the stories online indefinitely, or until the author wants it taken down.

If you enjoy the stories in our current issue #11, please favor us with a friendly remark at the comments link. Authors need praise!

—Rudy Rucker                     

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