Five Poems

by Brian Garrison


Poems Copyright (C) 2012, Brian Garrison.
Images Copyright (C) 2012, Rudy Rucker.
600 Words.






if and then went for a walk in the park

else played on the swings

while jogged around the loop

as i was standing idly by counting to 100


where the paths are graveled by semicolons

and the wind bends the grass like parens

you’ll find there’s always time for play

as long as the cord stays plugged in




slowly upward climbs the integer

and the algorithm knocks it down

rising upward in the ranks

and the algorithm knocks it down

persistent and determined it marches ever onward

and the algorithm knocks it down

skyward like Icarus it flies near capacity

and the algorithm knocks it down

faster and faster as if no limit

before the algorithm can kick in

and from -2,147,483,647 it starts the climb again




he was just

a simple algorithm designed

to play a game of cards where

he spent his days roaming

the twisting paths of the internet


the thought of heaven had

never crossed his functions yet

there he was in the final throes

of calculation


routing bit by bit toward his final resting place

never to be called to life again quietly

slipping into the foggiest regions of

the cloud



Occultural collaboration


the Mayans quit early

because they knew of another

of wise man LG who accompanies me

in my pocket every day

he schedules my events

in his tiny electric brain

but when I try to plan

past December 2100

he calmly beeps

to let me know the world

does not go that far



Electron farming


the rhinoceros plods over the savannah

the pelican cruises across the seas

while we humans brave the internet maps

risking a virus at any wrong turn


we graze clever pictures (with cleverer captions)

like algae eaters skim the sea floor

our camel’s hump grows on hard drives

for long treks without wi-fi


the links of wikipedia

herd us through the wilderness

and we cannot stomach bailed hay


we will charge through any

barbed wire that the farmers might put up

in search of greener pastures


Jogging down the terminal, tickets in hand


we once were wowed by hot air

balloons when flight

was a dream not

a nuisance

people used to climb

mountains for the views that

satellites now bring to our desktop


what would van Gogh say

if he saw us skimming the sky

shoulder to shoulder?

who is going to reach for space

when we can take the virtual tour?

would Icarus have flown so high

if he couldĀ  have sat

through a slide show instead?


Heaven 2.0


how readily we prostrate ourselves

enhaloed by the glowing monitor

typing prayers to the keyboard

give us this day our daily fail

and forgive us our deleted browsing history


a choir of streaming video

spanning several browser tabs

brings us to a closer understanding

as we contemplate the mystery of The Beibs


streetlights mask the fallow stars

and we prepare for our eternal rest

by inserting comments posting rants

and scattering other bits of soul


that we may create a transcendent image

that we may outlast our mortal bodies

that we may live happily in the server farms

forever in the cloud


About the Author

Brian spends his days in Rochester, NY where he wears plaid and the occasional silly hat. His poetry hasn't garnered the rock-star fame or fortune that he would hope for but he keeps writing nonetheless. Recently he has been working more on publishing the poems of other writers. Brian invites anyone who needs a laugh to meet the Haikooligan on his Parody website.

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