Four Milestones of Quantum Tantra

by Nick Herbert


Story Copyright (C) 2007, Nick Herbert.
Images Copyright (C) 2007, Rudy Rucker.
800 Words.



Love every one of My Elements
Caress My Paradox
Embrace each phase-entangled photon
Hug My Molecules; kiss My Quarks.

The universe is My Body
From every eye, the glance is Mine
Down every river flow My Fluids
In every thing resides My Mind.

I loved you inside your mother's womb
Your every atom have I kissed
I've made you everything you are:
You treat Me like I don't exist.

When you open your eyes you gaze on My Body
You taste My Flesh with your lips
Every smell is My Sexual Attractant
Every touch is My Kiss.

Come open your senses to Nature's flirtations
Come lend your step to My Dance
I'm only fourteen (billion) years old
But I'm eager and ripe for romance.

Love every one of My Elements
Caress My Paradox
Embrace each phase-entangled photon
Hug My Molecules; kiss My Quarks.




That out of a blind, senseless universe
Did arise
Billions of eyes
Like yours and mine--
Could it be any plainer than that?

That a thousand human tongues
And billions of non-human languages
Did emerge
From an utterly meaningless universe--
What could be more convincing?

That from a heartless, dog-eat-dog universe
Did come to me
So full of love as You--
Could anything be more persuasive?

We hold these truths to be self-evident--
This here-now, non-symbolic experience of the senses
Your Lovely Presence here beside me
This surrounding-us-everywhere
Enormous Cosmos
Clothed in unspeakable beauty.




I want to woo Her, not view Her
pet Reality until She purrs
yearning to merge with Dame Nature bodily
longing to mingle my substance with Hers:
and them that's content with merely observing
are nothing but Nature's voyeurs.




I’d yearned to be the first
To part Her Hidden Doors
The first to glimpse that Part of Her
No man had glimpsed before.

And this was the night that it happened:
Miss Universe joyfully opened to view
The right place, the right timing, the right drugs and foreplay
The right physics, right chemistry, the right Me and You.

It’s bigger than both of us--you and I cried
As our bodies and souls got connected
Sure, quantum entanglement provided a clue
But not in the ways we’d expected.

The Cosmological Sweetness
Came out to greet us
From the opposite side of the scenery
She opened our hearts
Kissed our dear private parts
As She gathered us into Her Greenery.

Come inside--She telepathically whispered
I’m fully open at last!
You could have been enjoying Me ages ago
If you’d only just known how to ask.

I was a Hidden Treasure
And I yearned to be uncovered.
I craved to be seen, known, played with
To be worshipped like a Lover.

You’ve finally learned to ask the right question
In your touchingly awkward and blundering way
Come take your fill of My long-hidden pleasures
I so love to give them, to give them away.

We were taken in as a twosome
And Lover Nature made us three
But what we found inside Her Nest
Was monogamous polygamy.

Where spread-out wave and tiny particle
Were jokes for the physicist
Where “here” and “there” and “you” and “me”
Playfully non-exist.

Where beings all over the galaxy
Meet in sensuous rendezvous
Where the Ultimate Meaning of Everything
Seemed as easy as two plus two.

Where we joined with billions of entities
In profound and luxurious play
Where we deep surrendered to Cosmos
And yet gave nothing away.

What a night!
What a night!
What a night!

Now back with you on terra firma
Waltzing with the next disaster
Our minds obsessed with but one thought:
What was that question that we asked Her?



About the Author


Nick Herbert is the author of "Quantum Reality", "Faster Than Light", "Elemental Mind" and a chapbook "Physics on All Fours". He devised the shortest proof of Bell's Theorem, had a hand in the Quantum No-Cloning Rule and is presently obsessed with a field he calls Quantum Tantra. By way of explanation, Nick writes:

"I'm a very ambitious physicist; I was trained at Stanford. I want not merely to find a new particle or equation but to discover an entirely new way of doing science. Quantum tantra aims to put humans in direct touch with nature without the mediation of instruments, without even those instruments called the senses. My needs are simple: I'd like to invent a truly gooey interface that connects my mind to other minds in the Universe. Modern physics is fully erect science; quantum tantra is physics on all fours."


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