by Paul DiFilippo


Image and Text Copyright (C) 2009, Paul DiFilippo.
This picture is worth 10,000 Words.


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Mufti and Fessenden Popenoe experience a quiet yet satisfying evening  at home with their newly purchased Sexual Congressinator. Mufti hold  the Tri-Bulb Passion Meter, whose cord runs to the Erotic Display Unit.  Her Brass Orgone Cap concentrates Bliss Molecules out of the  ether.  Fessenden prepares to stroke the Virtual Lingam, sending waves  of ecstasy down its Firewire connection.  Fessenden has also donned a  Kundalini Radiator Fin to help dissipate any excess heat.  Over the  whole domestic tableau, the Eye of Argon sheds its mystical beneficence.


About the Author




Paul Di Filippo has been  writing for some thirty years now, and hopes to continue for a like  number.  he lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with Deborah Newton,  Brownie the cocker spaniel and Penny Century the calico cat."

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