Cosmic Samba

by Brian Landis


Poem Copyright (C) 2009, Brian Landis.
Images Copyright (C) 2009, Rudy Rucker.
400 Words.



We hauled ass

      accelerating out of sector 001

      the human home star

The pain of lift-off is balanced

      by freedom from the gravity well

      and briefly, age

Good men will always look for the queen of outer space

      act dumb

      and be amazed

when we find her

A woman's event horizon

is deeper than any anomaly


The engines of perception

manifested alternaties


Our crew fell out of meditation

into the Tau Ceti system

      switched on sub-space radio

and listened to the distant, melancholy hiss

      of Sol, fusioning


Inanimate, sleeping in the timeless night

      we dreamed

of wildflower garotas

one-half child, one-half woman

      firm and lissome

      small breasted


      feline and hallucinogenic

Between us

      a secret code of glances




      All beat and mood and sex


Flung 'round the sun

of Tau Ceti One


A hammock sways

We make love Indian style

      with panache

      witty and fluent

slow and hip-swaying

In the enchanted city of Nepenthe

      night has more than twelve hours



Of evolution

of primordial goo

      on Tau Ceti Two


A long voluptuary trance

      a ritual narcissism

the invention of eros

      stronger than caritas

In the early morning

      phonographs play in windows

Newspaper kiosks are just opening

We pick white roses

on the way to the beach

Love and roses and tanga




Of men like me

      on Tau Ceti Three


Fancy costumes

      a percussion band

      a bass drum

            a great piston

Our hips begin to thrust

We treat everything lightly

      and engage a troupe of sweet-sellers

      silver boys and golden girls

who choreograph a private promenade, singing

"Tomando semen, voce vai ficar bacana"

"If you drink semen, you'll become beautiful"



A prickly shore

      on Tau Ceti Four


If you are in love with one

      who is not in love with you

pour rum on a tree base

      set three candles

write your love-slaves name

      on the back

      of a photo of yourself

burn it

You will be together shortly


We awaken.

Brought back alive

      From Tau Ceti Five


Void masters

      from a wild, wild planet

just passing through



      we'll work in the garden


About the Author



Brian Landis is a Jungian therapist practicing in San Luis Obispo, CA. He is an adherent of Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and a psychonaut who knows that folding mind is easier than folding spacetime. Brian is a published poet and has been a fan of the SF genre his entire reading life. He blames it on Tom Corbett, Space Cadet.

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