Page last updated April 3, 2012
(And you can still read Flurb online.)

Flub Goes Mobile!

Download Flurb #13 in Mobi format for Kindle.

Download Flurb #13 in Epub format for Windows, or for Apple with theiBooks app.

Note: Each file is about nine megabytes, and takes a minute or two to download.

How do I read an Epub or a Mobi file?

For Mobi:

Kindle devices and Kindle apps read the Mobi file format.

To read on a Kindle device, yan do the download with your Kindle or, if it's easier, download the Mobi to your desktop machine, plug the Kindle into the machine's USB port, find the Kindle device in your My Computer directory and drag the Mobi into the Kindle's documents folder.

You can also use a Kindle app to read Mobi files directly on PCs, on Apple devices or on other smartphones

If you download a Mobi on a device with the Kindle app, the web browser will let you feed the Mobi directly to the Kindle app.

For Epub:

On Windows machines running Firefox, there's a good Firefox EPUBreader Add-on. When you download an Epub file it opens inside a Firefox EpubReader window. You may need to make sure that the EPUBreader saves a local copy of the file to your machine or phone so you don't have to download it again. Adobe Digital Editions is very good standalone reader as well.

On Android phones the free FBReader and Aldiko apps are recommended.

On Apple devices, iBooks is, in my opinion, far and way the best ereader. You may need to download and install the free iBooks app from the App Store.

When you download an Epub onto a Mac device the Safari browser gives you the option to place the Epub file into your iBooks library. Note that Safare may refuse to download the Epub file if you don't have the free iBooks installed for reading the Epub. Install iBooks first.

If you have an Epub file on any desktop machine, you can transfer it to your Apple devices by adding it to your iTunes Book library and then synching your devices to your computer.

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