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Issue #3, Spring-Summer, 2007

Double Issue!
nders, DiFilippo, Gunn, Herbert, Laidlaw, Metzger, Quaglia, Rucker, Saknussemm, Shirley, Sirius, Tonnies, and Watson!



Issue #3 Contents:

Rudy Rucker
Postsingular Outtakes

Kris Saknussemm
Special Guest Stars

John Shirley
That Certain Day With Magdalen

Charlie Anders
The Last Young Person Alive Writes a Memoir

Eileen Gunn
No Place to Raise Kids

Paul Di Filippo
Up Around the Bend

Nick Herbert
Four Milestones of Quantum Tantra

Mac Tonnies
One Hundred Years

Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia
Beloved Vampires of the Blood Comet

Th. Metzger
Seized by Meat

Marc Laidlaw
An Evening's Honest Peril

RU Sirius (Interviewed by Frank Shook)
How RU Sirius Slipped Into Another Dimension


From the Editor

April 23, 2007

I remember a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic where the freaks are broke and then Fat Freddy snorts coke and goes out and gets three jobs.

After the great bunch of stories I got for Flurb #1 and #2, I was worried about getting stuff for this new issue. I didn't get high, but I got hyper --- and rounded up enough material for two issues.

Flurb #3 is a demented monster from dimension Z. I can't believe how much great, weird stuff turned up.

I'm hoping you'll dig right in and, as time goes by, post comments to the Flurb #3 comments link. The Flurb writers need your praise! It's not like they're getting much else in the way of rewards...

By way of preliminary guidance, here's a run-down on what we've got here:

For my own piece --- as not-so-humble editor, I'm leading off each issue --- I collaged together a bunch of outtakes from my forthcoming novel Postsingular. Sliced and diced like this, it's a kind of Dada SF.

Kris Saknussemm is back with an beautifully written tale about fake and real memories. Unlike most of us Flurbbers, Kris has an actual career as a real-world literary writer. It's an honor to have him here.

Although a number of the tales in Flurb #3 are dark and dirty, John Shirley goes against expectations and brings us a truly spiritual and uplifting tale about none other than Jesus Christ --- viewed a gnostic sage. Did you ever wonder about what was up with Jesus and Mary Magdalene? Wonder no more.

Charlie Anders exercises her wit and bad attitude for Flurb again. I laughed out loud reading this one. It's so refreshing to read someone who speaks out and tells the simple, frikkin' truth.

I'm especially happy to have a piece by Eileen Gunn. She brings us a flawless, gem-like meta-SF love story. In short pants.

Paul Di Filippo is back with a disturbing cross between a hippie fantasy and a post-Armageddon adventure. The tale's two strands scrape each other like knives. But it reads as smooth as silk.

Nick Herbert is an esoteric physicist who's influenced me more than almost anyone. Thanks to Nick, I'm a hylozoist; that is, I think everything's alive. Nick's life's work is about finding the proper head-trick to talk directly to nature, and his SFictional poems point the way.

Mac Tonnies is a new writer who brings us a zippy adventure of a future Earth baked by a runaway sun. But everything may not be what it seems...

Ian Watson and Roberto Quaglia's tale is, in oh so many ways, highly offensive. But it rates a nihil obstat from Flurb. The boys' joy of narration lifts their words on wings.

The under-appreciated weird writer Th. Metzger weighs in with his Easter-dinner meditations on meat. His style is as treat-studded as the highest-quality fruitcake. And, you know, in person, he's a really great guy.

My old freestylist pal Marc Laidlaw is back; Marc's a Flurb three-timer like John Shirley. Laidlaw brings to bear his experience in the videogame trade to produce a fresh gaming story with a great twist.

Anchoring the line-up we have my Mondo 2000 co-conspirator, RU Sirius, interviewed by none other than saucer-abductee Frank Shook.


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