3 SF Poems

by Brian Garrison


Story Copyright (C) 2008, Brian Garrison.
Images Copyright (C) 2008, Rudy Rucker.
175 Words.




1. overload

a nant in your eye is red like twelve thousand apples flying at you
green like the world’s supply of grass blades attacking

a nant in your eye is a mountain in your face
thirty miles of Norwegian fjords close-up

a nant in your eye is virtual reality on speed
but if you’re looking for fun
please leave this undone
for it’s also a lethal injection

2. ode to the bug on my computer screen

it’s vibrations that build
a human pleasure machine
for you it takes bright lights

not even quite eye candy
the mish-mashed formless blobs
flickering in your vision
are more like sugar water

I dawdle through my scrolling text
while you’re doing shots
of visual orgasm

3. (hu)man vs. machine

the computer ate my soul
as my fingers
tick tick
on the keyboard
made an email

black seeds falling on a dinner plate
and bits of thin-sliced emotion
from a sandwich of sentences

a feast to this electric box
(I hope it chokes)



About the Author

Brian grew up in the sticks of Oregon reading and dreaming of far away places. He made it as far as Rochester, NY and Waterloo, Ontario where he has been studying Psychology for the last five years. He is planning to retreat back to the forests where he can safely create far away places of his own.

Three years worth of his haiku and limericks hide in the archives of Reporter, the student-run magazine at Rochester Institute of Technology. These are his first poems released on the general public.

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